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Yes, we make awesome websites

  • that are an asset and not a liablity.
  • that are not only good looking but also better performing too.
  • that add value to your business.
  • that help you stay ahead in web presence.
  • Don't take our word for it. Go ahead, see our portfolio of some of the websites. If you are comfortable with us then contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

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Yes, we make intelligent web apps too.

  • that are customized and/or standard.
  • that help you to streamline your business.
  • that let you focus on your core business rather than worrying about software.
  • that give more value for your money.
  • Desktop Software, as they say, is dead. The web and mobile are the only way ahead. So, go ahead get the taste of web for your business too.

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We are a small web startup in India. We are passionate about web and web technologies. It’s very difficult to say without sounding clichéd but GenXsource was started because of sheer passion for web.

We provide affordable web solutions for small and medium enterprise and individuals. It might surprise you but we are not here only just for money, we are in this race to make a positive impact on our customers’ business (along with money, off course).

We love building websites and web applications and Web is the place to be.

Do try us out and you’ll feel the difference.

The good old FAQ way.

What kind of name GenXsource is? and what does this mean?

Yeah.. that’s what we thought intially, however, it somehow stuck in our mind. It’s a combination of two words, Genx (i.e. Generation neXt, the new generation) and source ( as in source code).

What exactly do you do?

Wait, you’ve not seen the home page, have you? OK, we repeat, we design good looking websites and efficient web applications.

So, what’s special about you?

We love what we do and smart people say when people love what they do, they will definitely produce great results. Yes, we know, you’ll say not everyone loves web when they are designing websites and building web apps? In our defense, we can only say is that more than 70% of our custumers are repeating customers. That says a lot about our work, isn't it?

What web application/product do you offer apart from web designing?

Apart from building customized web applications, we are working on a product for education sector.

My question isn’t answered in this FAQ, tell me more.

Then just say howdy on our email address, or call us or just a tweet will also do and we’ll take it from there.

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Website is an essential part of your business identity. It's more than just a few pages of inormation, photos and good typography. Like any other resource of your organization, website should also perform. Or else why would you want a website in the first place?

We start our website designing process with very basic question "Why do you need website for"? Since, we need to know the requirement of the website then only we can give you results. Once, we have answer to this question, the entire website is designed around the idea of this answer.

Our website designing process includes understanding your requirements, analyzing your competition and designing a website that works.

For most of the small businesses, a website is a liability. It's just there. We make sure that your website is an asset to your business, your personality and not a liability.

Well, research tells us that people are more interested in "what you can do for them, than who you are" So, you can go ahead and look at our portfolio of some of the websites we have designed.

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We make simple and efficient web applications that make your business processes easier and helps you gain more. We develop customized web applications for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

We have so far made life simple for stock brokers, educational institutes, e-commerce portals, IT service providers and many more.

Our task is not only to develop web application for your business but also to improve your business process through our applications, achieving more from your resources and solving your pain of day-to-day business.

Getting developed a solution is one thing but implementing it successfully is quite another. The change is not always appreciated by the end user. That's where our solutions are different. We work together with your teams for smooth execution of new application. Yes, we are ardent fans of Heath Brothers.

Currently, we are working on a product for Education sector and will be out soon with our product.

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